All These Fresh Beats Mixtape – DJ Kid Stretch

DJ Kid Stretch just dropped another massive mixtape called “All These Fresh Beats” and all we can say is “Damn!”:

Big up to the man Kid Stretch (@djkidstretch), our homie from Thessaloniki, Greece, for the Free Download, and for all the extremely dope mixtapes, beats, and breaks the man s steadily gifting us all with on his Soundcloud page.

This is a Bboy Mixtape to the fullest, with a crateful full of rare and funky breaks, reimagined remixes of classic joints, and the masterful and extra nasty cuts on the wheels by the Kid Stretch himself, and it’s sure to set off the cipher for days, so make sure to bump it loud on the boombox!

A bit of background on the man from his Soundcloud:

He is the producer and DJ of the Greek group hip hop Warriorz (going back since 1998). Warriorz have released songs in 2 compilations albums of F.M. Records, a CD single in F.M. Records and their album “Way Of Life” in their own Warriorz Records. They have also released a project called “Hippofunkochoerus” with a live funk band (Nasa Funk), (a mixture of funk with hip hop lyrics and scratching).

And dig another dope find off of DJ Kid Stretch’s YouTube page, called “Set Me Free” alongside Robinson:

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Renegades of Rhythm – DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist

Party people. Your dreams have now been fulfilled.

Especially for the Hip-Hop heads, Bboys, Bgirls, crate diggers, turntablists and funk junkies, as DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist embark on the Renegades of Rhythm Tour with crates upon crates from Afrika Bambaataa‘s own record library at Cornell University.

VINYL-ONLY TOUR HONORING AFRIKA BAMBAATAA'S INFLUENCE ON HIP HOP'S BEGINNINGS Yes, that’s right. Afrika Bambaataa’s record collection. DJ Shadow. Cut Chemist.

And the best part for us is that the show comes to Orlando, Florida’s House of Blues this Sunday night, and Bboysounds will most definitely be in the house.

This tour is a massive event in Hip-Hop and Bboy culture in particular, as DJ Shadow (@djshadow) and Cut Chemist (@cut_chemist) will be playing the actual LPs that Afrika Bambaataa rocked at some of the earliest events in what would be called “Hip-Hop.”

If you’ll be in one of the remaining cities (and you can click here for a list) this is a show you need to see, hear, and experience.

From a Rolling Stone interview with DJ Shadow:

[Bambaataa] was a DJ with a vision and a sense of purpose, with a desire for social change. He wanted to use the music to help foster a revolution, and the reverberations of this concept are still being felt today, and probably will be forever. His ability to embrace and incorporate all different types of music and art, and contextualize them with a hip-hop mentality, is what the entire culture is based on.

Click here for a list of cities where the tour will be stopping, this is a show you do not want to miss!

Afrika Bambaataa’s classic joint “Renegades of Funk”:

…and of course, “Looking for the Perfect Beat”:

Don’t Squeal – Croosh and The Doppelgangaz

Croosh, our brethren from West Palm Beach, is bombing atomically on an album he dropped last year, with beats by The Doppelgangaz, and we highly recommend this Hip-Hop:

As KRS-One would say, “A dope MC is a dope MC…” And the homeboy Croosh (@crooshbandicot) is exactly that, with dozens of dope joints awaiting your ears at his Soundcloud, and on this particular round, production by New York’s The Doppelgangaz (@thedoppelgangaz) brings it home for the funksters and the Hip-Hop heads.

We spotted Croosh performing at West Palm Beach’s Graffiti Iconz earlier this year, where we also saw the extremely dope MC Jabrjaw (@boombapkid), and a number of dope DJs including the Bboy hero DJ DoubleThreat DEMO (@doubletdemo), and naturally, Croosh was killing it, rocking a massive beard like a boss.

Croosh works with a number of producers that are banging out beats that are straight up and down dope, most often in the style of golden era Hip-Hop, among them Vegetable Lasagna, Danifortune (@iamstylepump), Rederf, and, in the case of the brand new joint “Slammu” featured below, Dr. LaFlow (@drlaflow):

And peep “202 Cypher”, with Croosh alongside MCs Cable Wraps (@cablewraps), Phil Sebastien, and Glocky Davis (@southern_giant):

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