Bboy Breaks and Remixes – Kulbeat

Kulbeat has got some serious Bboy Breaks for you and yours, beginning with this massive Hip-Hop Break mashing some James Brown and Method Man with Pharoahe Monch’s classic “Simon Says”:

We came across DJ Kulbeat’s joints on Soundcloud, and we must say, a major shoutout to the Bboys, Bgirls, and Hip-Hop heads in Russia!

Here is the only background on the fellow that we could find:

I’m just DJ / PRODUCER. Young and talented (ahah)

My favorite styles: breaks / funk / hip-hop

Kulbeat, aka Evgenii Kulkin, has a bucket full of dope original joints and remixes and we strongly suggest you follow him on Soundcloud, check out his Bandcamp page, and if you’re on VK, check him out here.

From Funk to Hip-Hop to straight up Rock n Roll and Latin Soul, Kulbeat has some major freshness with beats to move your feet.

…including this battle-ready jamster built with elements of Latin Blues Band’s “I’ll Be a Happy Man”:

And this very, very dope Hip-Hop break drawing on Dr. Dre’s “What’s the Difference” off his Chronic 2001 album:

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Rare Breaks and Mixtapes – DJ Goodka

DJ Goodka’s Breaks are on the Boombox big time, starting with the very dope Bboy mixtape “Two, Three Break Vol. 1, A Face”:

Massive mix by our French brethren DJ Goodka, and we can’t wait to hear the B Face! And big thanks to the funky brother Goodka for the Free Download as well!

Big up to Trad Vibe Records (@tradvibe), dropping that “vintage fresh Hip-Hop Jazz Soul”!

Some background on DJ Goodka from his Soundcloud:

Olivier Lemaire, aka DJ Goodka, is a French DJ, born in 1968 in Cholet.

His artist name was coined in 1984 and comes from a phonetical misunderstanding : he mismatched Goodka and « Good God », the shout from James Brown or Zapp.

In 1981, he discovered funk and rap musics through early French radio shows.
Influenced by the 1984 French TV show H.I.P. H.O.P., he started to Breakdance at age 16 with some Radio Cassette tunes.

Member of the Universal Zulu Nation, he’s famous for being the first French DJ to have play in 2000 in the USA for a Breakdance battle broadcated and commercialized : the Mighty 4 in San Francisco.

Then, he went on deejaying for prestigious events : Battle Of The Year France, Freestyle Session Suisse, Mighty 4 Pologne, Total Session France, Hip Hop Connection Italy, Summer Session France.

Renowned record collector and digger, he opened an independent record-shop in Grenoble in 2002.

He contributed to the famous internet database discogs by adding hundreds of references.

At the end of 2009, he released his first record Groovology with DJ Moar.

Today, he’s known by a wider audience thanks to his dancefloor DJ mixes including soul, funk, house music & electro as well as brazilian, latin and afrobeat music

And dig this extra dope rare jammy remixed by DJ Goodka called “Unknown Bboy”:

For this any many other funky reasons, make sure to follow DJ Goodka, check out his YouTube, Like him on Facebook, and support the DJs that are doing it big!

And we had to include this extra, extra funked-out jam session, so max, relax, and enjoy these tracks!

Breaks in Yo Face! – DJ Nomad

DJ Nomad is about to set it off in the place to be, so prepare to be funked! Starting with DJ Nomad’s “Latin Juice”:

DJ Nomad (@nomadicbeats), styled as Nömad, has been a steady feature on Radio Bboy for years, but beyond his Bboy Breaks mixtapes, he has a number of original joints and remixes that will tickle the bottoms of your feet and force you to hit the cipher at ramming speed.

Big up to the homie from St. John’s, Newfoundland, and thanks for sending us these jams, we can definitely dig it! And a major thanks for the free downloads!

Some background on DJ Nomad from the man himself at his Soundcloud:

Meet Nomad, DJ, record collector, and a creator of dance music. Currently based out of the eastern edge of Canada in St.John’s, Newfoundland. With his strong musical background he has one of the most diverse music collections around, ranging from house to hip hop to funk and soul. Going from spinning the breaks at the freshest bboy jams to playing the biggest beats on the biggest dance floors. From getting featured on dance music blogs, to having interest from fans and promoters all over the world.

As a Break DJ, he works hard to try and dig for the tracks that separate him from other DJ’s in the world. As a Bboy himself he feels he can tell what a dancer expects from a DJ. Every time he hears the breaks its an inspiration and a message to him its time to get back to work. It was Bboying that got him into DJing, and now his love for music has exploded.

In the music production side of his career, he is busy working and searching for different sounds and samples to use. Having number influences is a big thing to him, and believes you have to find your own sound that represents you. He finds through producing that this is his chance to express, are you ready?

Check it: this man’s not restricted to any genre of music, as in this instance, he’s dropped massive Breaks on top of Anthony Hamilton’s “Coming From Where I’m From” and it’s completely nasty!

And probably my personal favorite, the “Upwright Break”:

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