Interview with DJ Marrrtin Dezer of Funky Bijou

Funky Bijou Breaks Vol. 3 has just dropped! Click the picture above to pre-order! Listen to the album at the bottom of this page!

Funky Bijou, DJ Marrrtin, DJ Deheb, and Strereophonk are well-known names in Bboy music, and joints from these fellows can be heard around the world at many events, ciphers, and sessions.

From the Bboy smashes on Funky Bijou Breaks Vols. 1 and 2, to the wild drums and unbridled funk of DJ Marrrtin’s (@djmarrrtin) joints, and the paradigm-shifting Hip-Hop of Lord Paramour, Martin Dezer is the brother with the breaks.

Most recently, Marrrtin dropped this bit of pure dopeness over the soulful classic “Sunny” with massive drum breaks and the eccentric and unique sound we’ve come to expect from the Funky Bijou brothers:

With Funky Bijou Breaks Vol. 3 coming soon, Bboys, Bgirls, and Hip-Hop heads around the world are anticipating big things, so make sure to follow the homies on Facebook, check them out on Bandcamp, and support DJ Marrrtin and DJ Deheb (@dehebmusic) all the way!

As big fans of all things Funky Bijou (@funkybijou), we’re very proud to bring you a brief interview with the man himself.

Bboys, Bgirls, and Hip-Hop heads worldwide already know the names Funky Bijou, Stereophonk, DJ Marrrtin, Lord Paramour, or the always-dope tag DEZER, if not all five. So who is Martin Dezer?

Martin Dezer, Dezer names comes from my graffiti background.

I started to paint in 1991, with my friends when I was living in the surburbs of Paris. Lot of paintings with my friends & crew like VMD, TJS, D77…

Stereophonk is the Name of the Label I created more than 10 years ago, it’s music but it’s also painting, design, video…

After there is differents projects: Lord Paramour with my partner Ajax Tow, myself Dj Marrrtin; and Funky Bijou, the duo of me and the Famous Dj Deheb.

Together with DJ Deheb, you’re known as Funky Bijou, and you have composed many of the “modern classics” of original Bboy music. How did Funky Bijou get started?

Thanx for the love!!! We started in 2008 when he was in a little studio.

We were thinking about making Breakdance Music, we did few tracks…
There were one with this “now famous” Guitar riff (who is been played by Deheb himself, not a sample). We decide to take this little part of the song with the guitar and breakbeat, then I rearranged it, and the Funky Bijou story began.

Then, we had the luck to have some famous Djs who played our tracks in big Battle, the first one was Billy Brown aka Dj Ben, who played it in R16, then after Lean Rock, Skeme richards…

Funky Bijou has a big record coming, and everyone around the world is very excited to hear this. What can you tell us about the new album?

The new record is 12 tracks, with hard drums, and aggressive music lol.

Naaaa we tried to do some good music, which can be danceable, some tracks are really really hard beats!!!

And with the funky bijou touch: lots of rhythms , musicality …

(A sample of Funky Bijou from Vol. 2:)

As DJ Marrrtin, you’re steadily dropping massive breaks from Disco to Bboy Funk. How do you choose your projects?

Before Funky Bijou I was already making beats and mixing in battle, I never stoped, my projects depends of my heart lol.

What are you listening to when you’re not working on your own music?

I listen to a bunch of different music, from hiphop to funk, to soul, jazz, Old traditional music, and classic!! One of my favourite musicians is Erik Satie!!!

What are you working on today?

On trying to develop our label Stereophonk and trying to make more music, with more people all around the globe!!!

When Martin Dezer’s music is on, Bboys, Bgirls, and Hip-Hop heads around the world are listening. Do you have a message for everyone?

Thanks for supporting us, by dancing on our music, and buying it.

It’s an honour for us to be played, and to see bboys and bgirls dancing over it.

Funky Bijou Breaks Vol. 3 comin soon on Stereophonk!

Comin soon: Lord Paramour Remixes, Dj Deheb EP, Dj Marrrtin LP!

Big up to Martin Dezer, and thanks to the funky brother for taking the time with us!

You should most definitely go to the Stereophonk Bandcamp page and support these homies because they’re bringing some of the dopest original breaks to the table right now!

And you can peep the DEZER tag at DJ Marrrtin’s Instagram, with some samples below:

You can find more music from DJ Marrrtin and Funky Bijou at the Stereophonk Bandcamp.

Make sure to follow Funky Bijou, DJ Marrrtin, and Stereophonk on Soundcloud, and support the DJs and artists that are bringing the funk!

Listen to the brand new release Funky Bijou Breaks Vol. 3 below!

The Loosie King – Jabrjaw

An extremely dope MC called Jabrjaw dropped “The Loosie King” this summer to the delight of the Hip-Hop heads in South Florida and around the world, and here it is for you:

We got to see Jabrjaw (@boombapkid) blessing the mic live alongside his DJ Dee Dubbs and fellow West Palm Beach Boom-Bapper Croosh (@crooshbandicoot) at Graffiti Iconz earlier this year, and the kid is nice.

Steadily on the classic Hip-Hop sound, the beats and rhymes reflect the era we all reminisce over so often, with joints like “Funk Keeps Banging” making South Florida MCs proud:

We have to especially appreciate the shout-out to the godfather:

Eastern Specifics, the flow is prolific…

Papa’s got a brand new bag, and I’m so lifted.

Like we said, straight up and down dope!

Peep the dope video for another of Jabrjaw’s funky jams, “One” featuring multiple elements of the movement we call Hip-Hop:

Make sure to support the MC and Like him on Facebook alongside DJ Dee Dubbs, check out Jarbrjaw’s Tumblr, and peep Jabrjaw’s Soundcloud for future funk!

Beaches Brew – Rudi Goblen

Our Miami brethren Rudi Goblen blessed the universe with a dope Bboy Break this summer, and fortunately, he sent it to our Soundcloud group so we can share it with you… Behold “Beaches Brew”:

Rudi Goblen (@rudigoblen) of the very dope Flipside Kings crew is a wildly accomplished Bboy and performer of many sorts, holding down Miami in our own neighborhood of South Florida.

Some background on the man from his website:

Rudi; writer, dancer, and actor, is an acclaimed B-Boy, his crew Flipside Kings has toured in and out the country competing in, judging, and winning various events. In 2003, he joined Teo Castellanos’ D-Projects, a collective of culturally trained artists who create provocative contemporary performances. Since then, Rudi has toured internationally with D-Projects in Scratch & Burn and FAT BOY, and has trained and worked with DV8 Physical Theater, Cirque De Soleil, and is a founding member of Octavio Campos’ Campostion Hybrid Theater Works, Rosie Herrera’s Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre , and interactive performance troupe Circ-X.

We also must share this crazy video of Rudi on the battle scene:

With influences ranging from Sly and the Family Stone to superdope producer David Axelrod and Thelonious Monk, Rudi Goblen is producing a sound all of his own and we’re hoping the “Beaches Brew” Break is just the beginning of some seriously funky cipher sounds.

You can peep more of Rudi Goblen’s music at his Soundcloud, and make sure to support the homie and Like him on Facebook and check out the Rudi Goblen website!

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