An Interview with Grand Master DJ Ready D (Beat Bangaz)

DJ Ready D is a world-renowned turntablist, producer, educator, and overall Hip-Hop ambassador, and he’s been a regular feature at Bboysounds, not only for his Grand Master’s command of the wheels of steel, but for his large number of cipher-ready beats and breaks, like “Let’s Rumble”:

We were able to catch up with Ready D (@djreadyd) amid his Big Air Society tour across South Africa and to hear from the DJ himself:

DJ Ready D

Who is DJ Ready D?

DJ Ready D is a student of the art of being a DJ. I am enjoying the new technology and finding interesting ways to develop my craft.

I grew up around DJs all my life and I’m blessed to have been exposed to different genres of music since an early age.

Coming from Cape Town South Africa gives me the added edge because of the broad spectrum of local music that we are able to access. This added with a Hip-Hop state of mind adds interesting textures to my production work.

(DJ Ready D’s Beat Bangaz crew runs a DJ training facility in Cape Town City called Scratch Lab (@scratchlabcpt) and you should definitely check out DJ Ready D’s YouTube to see their videos, like this gem:)

Please tell us a bit about the Beat Bangaz crew…

We decided to form the Beatbangaz round 1997. We were inspired by the Skratch Piklz, Beat Junkies and many other turntablist crews. Team members come from other Hip Hop crews in South Africa such as P.O.C and BVK.

Each member have their own distinctive style and music taste. The latter is a perfect formula that gives the crew an interesting performance style and range.

We also specialise in music production, television, radio and organising events.

(Check out this dope video promo for the Beat Bangaz crew:)

Your sound appeals to a diverse, international Hip-Hop community, with something for the DJs, the MCs and beat heads, and of course, the Bboys and Bgirls. What do you have in mind when you’re producing a track like “Let’s Rumble”? 

“I started as a B-Boy when I got involved with Hip Hop culture in the early 80’s. I always try to capture the energetic spirit and battle nature of the culture through my work. My aim was to engage the listener and encourage participants to take action when tracks such as Let’s Rumble start hitting through Boom Boxes.”

The DJ Mag top 100 has drawn a lot of criticism in recent days, with many calling out the DJs on the list for not having any talent as a DJ vs. as a producer. What is a DJ to you?

My view of a DJ is someone that’s committed to their craft with an open minded approach to music. It’s important to evolve and respect the audience.

I feel that it’s our duty to take risks and educate the music loving masses. We have really awesome platforms at our disposal to demonstrate this.

When you’re not producing, scratching, and mashing up the dance, what music are you listening to for your own enjoyment?

I love Jazz and Classical music. I’m always tuned into local radio that provide that type of music. It helps to relax and recharge for another deck wrecking session.

What are you working on today?

I’m revisiting music from P.O.C ( Prophet’s Of The City) and exploring remix possibilities. A Beatbangaz album is high on the agenda. My radio show and gigs also keep me grinding daily.

(DJ Ready D’s “Big Air Society Promo” mixtape is a Bboysounds favorite, spilling over with rhythm and breaks)

What message do you have for the Bboys and Bgirls around the world?

“I would like to encourage B-Boys and Girls to embrace Hip Hop culture in it’s entirety and keep pushing the envelope. We need to form strong international alliances and show the world the true power of this culture.”

Massive thanks to DJ Ready D for taking the time to chat with us, and you should definitely pay a visit to his website, follow him on Soundcloud, and Like DJ Ready D and Beat Bangaz on Facebook!

Faint (Bboy Edit) – K. Sabroso vs. Linkin Park

K. Sabroso, the multi-talented Bboy, DJ, composer, and Hip-Hop culture connoisseur, is back on the boombox with a massive Bboy edit of Linkin Park’s “Faint” and we promise you, it’s dope:

We’re no strangers to K. Sabroso (@ksabroso) and our interview with him earlier this year is one of our finest moments, which coincided with his All-Styles EP and brought our readers some insight into the thinking and processes for one of Bboy music’s soul providers.

K. Sabroso Bboy Music

K. Sabroso dropped this massive bumpster (with a dope free download) in celebration of his return to Chicago for the Bboy battle event Unchained Chicago (check out the event page here).

This edit was actually made a while back for use in battles, and now it’s here for you!

And you can bet the heads at Unchained will be getting down to the joint on November 29!

In fact, you can be one of them if you can make it to the Midwest to attend Unchained Chicago’s 3-on-3 Bboy battle. It’s a FREE event, with no registration cost to battle (click here for more info), and you know you’ll hear joints like K. Sabroso’s Bboy edit of Tim Buckley’s “Pleasant Street”:

And if you’re already in the Chicago area, you can catch K. Sabroso spinning a live set of “African, Latin, and pan-Asian all-style/beatrock beats and breaks” on Power Style Radio, 1710 AM from 8:00pm-11pm CST.

Make sure to support the homie K. Sabroso and follow him on Soundcloud, Like him on Facebook, and check out his website.

Stay tuned for future funk!

Original Bboy Breaks – Human v2.0

The “Shamanic Bboy” Human v2.0 has dropped some massive Bboy funk in our Soundcloud group, and we’re quite pleased to present you with “Assassin”:

Peace to Human (@humanologue) from Montpellier, France and thanks for sending the dope sounds to our Bboysounds Group on Soundcloud!

Make sure to peep the MPL Wonderland website as well, which is supporting the arts straight up and down, and these boys are into all kinds of music and activities.

From Human v2.0’s Soundcloud:

this Music is mine…
Hundreds of other pieces are waiting in the drawers
20 years of production but still not signed,
I’ll be a tramp soon because french people never understand nothing to my music .
I begin to think I do shit
If you don’t, please get me out this nightmare
i share a bit with you
before i have nothing more…
thanks to share and comment
ask me for download
or do as you can


And the funk keeps on and on with Human’s playlist “Bboy Avenue”:

Plus, dig this dope video from Human’s YouTube:

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