Record Store Day Mixtape – DJ somaR


Our homie DJ somaR dropped this excellent mixtape for last year’s Record Store Day and we advise that you dig it immediately:

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s DJ somaR gave us theĀ “Lessons in Fresh” mixtape last fall and it rocked the house, and the kid has done it again, dropping the Hip-Hop gems that bring back the golden days of genre, spotlighting some of my personal favorites like Camp Lo, Jungle Brothers, J Rocc and many, many more.

Peep somaR’s Soundcloud for the playlist.

A note on the mix from DJ somaR himself:

To celebrate Record Store Day, I figured I’d put together an all vinyl mix… some of the tracks I just bought a couple weeks ago, ha! On a side note, I’m actually burning the mix and posting the CD’s up in some of the local record stores as well, for those who are supporting their record stores to grab. But, here it is, and make sure you go support a record store or two or three. To the DJ’s let’s do our part in keeping vinyl alive… it’s always been such an important part of our culture, it would be a shame to see it go away. Thanks for listening, peace!

As an added bonus, peep the man somaR on the radio dropping pure golden nuggets: