Soundtracks and Remixes for Bboys – Tommy Breakz


Welcome back to our German brother Tommy Breakz, whose Bboy remixes and soundtracks always light up the cipher!

This selection of Tommy Breakz music from his Soundcloud showcases one side of this Bboy, producer, and crate digger.

Steadily funked-out and always breakable, we’ve been showcasing tracks by Tommy Breakz since the very early days of Bboysounds and especially on RadioBboy.com, with tracks like his “Tron Bboy Remix” going wildly viral.

We were able to catch up with the man who offered us a bit of background onΒ Tommy Breakz:

I’m Tommy aka TOMMY-BREAKZ.
My story plays in the South of Germany … near the Lake Constance.

I started dancing with in the late nineties. Just to learn the windmill πŸ˜‰
Hearing music instructor and every year the newest boty-soundtrack.
We all know that there was a change of direction about 2000.
The moves turned and the music got more flexibility.
The battle of the year was the one and only battle I had to see.
I liked the showcases and its music.

Impressive sound combined with amazing moves … these two things were able to push a moment to an unattainable level.

So I just tried out and …

… my first remix was the SAW-soundtrack remix.
I got nice comments to this work … this made me more motivated for more mixing.

I am proud of some successes I had the past years
– Suicidal Lifestyle took some mixes for their trailers
– Lil-G and Airdit used my TRON-soundtrack remixes for their “urbanatix” showcase
– Rubberlegz took the tron-remix for one of his trailers, too
– KGB-Crew took “you won a battle” at BOTY Taiwan 2011 showcase
– The same track was used for a “just debout” teaser
– The SAW remix was used by Hakan (incredible syndicate) in his trailer
– Ghostrockz took the “Les Choristes” in their BOTY int. showcase 2009

… and occasionally I find my mixes uploaded by other people.

My b-boying consists of dancing … not of battles.
I like battles, but my target isn’t the battle.

For me it’s the greatest thing just to make a training session with my crew “Lake Style Squad” with superdope mixtapes and tracks from all over the world.
I like the russian djs. They throw out breaks I’ve never heard.
I think that’s the reason why I didn’t produce many mixes the last years. I need the time to dig after incredible b-boy music πŸ˜‰

I dance for music … and music plays for me …

Thanks again to TOmmy Breakz for the dope sounds, make sure to follow him on Soundcloud for the future funk!