Bboy Breaks and Remixes – Kulbeat


Kulbeat has got some serious Bboy Breaks for you and yours, beginning with this massive Hip-Hop Break mashing some James Brown and Method Man with Pharoahe Monch’s classic “Simon Says”:

We came across DJ Kulbeat’s joints on Soundcloud, and we must say, a major shoutout to the Bboys, Bgirls, and Hip-Hop heads in Russia!

Here is the only background on the fellow that we could find:

I’m just DJ / PRODUCER. Young and talented (ahah)

My favorite styles: breaks / funk / hip-hop

Kulbeat, aka Evgenii Kulkin, has a bucket full of dope original joints and remixes and we strongly suggest you follow him on Soundcloud, check out his Bandcamp page, and if you’re on VK, check him out here.

From Funk to Hip-Hop to straight up Rock n Roll and Latin Soul, Kulbeat has some major freshness with beats to move your feet.

…including this battle-ready jamster built with elements of Latin Blues Band’s “I’ll Be a Happy Man”:

And this very, very dope Hip-Hop break drawing on Dr. Dre’s “What’s the Difference” off his Chronic 2001 album:

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