DJ Zorock Bboy Mixtapes

Super Bad Super Funk – DJ ZorocK


DJ ZorocK’s Super Bad Super Funk series brings some rich, rare records together in a funked-out fashion, so prepare for break-off:

Big up to the brother DJ ZorocK from Stuttgart, Germany, and his crews Invaders and Rockin’ Attack, and thanks to the man for sending us his sounds!

To make matters extra funky, DJ ZorocK mixed these masterpiece sessions of soul on all vinyl, so much respect to ZorocK and the DJs that keep up the foundations of the art!

While Super Bad part 1 deals in ultra-rare, soulful joints  with a Northern Soul feel, part 2 takes it to straight to the historically dope JBs jams, with classic breaks form the usual suspects like Lyn Collins and the godfather James Brown:

And dig this clip of DJ ZorocK playing the cipher in the “vinyl-only” corner at IBE 2014 (and follow him on YouTube):

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