Funky Monkee Bboy Breaks Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Bboy Breaks – Funky Monkee


Funky Monkee has been crafting some wild Bboy tracks in Baku, Azerbaijan, and we definitely want to share, beginning with his latest mash, “Jesus in Anger”:

Big up to Funky Monkee “Da Beat Terrorist” aka Ayaz Ahmedov (@funkymonkee1) for gifting our Bboysounds Group on Soundcloud with his joints and jams, which he himself describes as “Instrumental Hip-Hop, Experimental Hip-Hop, Ambient, Downtempo.”

Funky Monkee also took liberty with the Star Wars tunes, mashing up some chops against James Brown’s “Funky Drummer” break, and trust us, it’s dope:

Big thanks to Funky Monkee for the free downloads on many of his dopest joints!

Also check out Funky Monkee’s YouTube channel and this 2007 trailer from the man himself:

Make sure to follow Funky Monkee on Soundcloud, peep his VKontakte, Like him on Facebook and keep an ear open for future funk!

Big up to Baku Bboys and Bgirls!