Instant Cipher EP – DJ CHiEF


Bboysounds’ very own DJ CHiEF just dropped the first in a series of EPs called “Instant Cipher”, the latest release from Bboysounds Black Label Breaks:

This premiere episode of “Instant Cipher” features several tracks already published by DJ CHiEF (@dj_chief) in addition to four brand new tracks unknown to man until this past Friday night at Catalyst (@catalyst561) in West Palm Beach, where DJ CHiEF played the pre-battle ciphers in celebration of Catalyst WPB’s 4th anniversary.

One track that just barely made it onto the EP was a cipher rendition of the infamous Bobby Shmurda beat:

DJ CHiEF's Instant Cipher EP bboy mix breaksA word from DJ CHiEF on the EP:

Thanks to the DJs, producers, bboys, bgirls, and Hip-Hop heads around the world that have been listening to my tracks, and for the massive inspiration coming from my friends around the world that are throwing down the dopest beats, mixtapes, and albums. Big shout-out to Catalyst West Palm Beach, Will Stylez, Dem-Oh, Flow, Zrock and NBDS Productions, Sway Beats, LP Skillz, Brimstone127 and P.A.T.H., Backyard Funk Crew, Crazy C, Ynot, Pie Mastah, Harold’s, Martin Dezer and Funky Bijou, K. Sabroso, DJ Kid Stretch, AmazeMe, Just-A-Kid, DJ Four Eyez and Kosher Flava Crew, JacQuiToma, Jungle and Power Style Radio in Chicago, DJ Blesone and DtttC!, DJ Fleg, Soul Movement Records, DJ LadyFunk, DJ BreakSoul, DJ Shanti One, “Yellow Benjy” Melendez, DJ Pilizhao, DJ Gamra, DJ Surmah, Cut Chemist, DJ Ready D, Soulrane, Rod-One, DJ BMF, DJ Ynot, Conshus and OURShow, MarsRadio, Afrika Baby Bam and Jungle Brothers, and many more…

Also, a massive shout-out to Brain Reward and DJ Cyber of Orlando, Florida, for bringing that “Love to the World” loop to the cipher over 10 years ago with their classic breaks remix!

Bboysounds Black Label Breaks“Instant Cipher” is available for free download (with option to “name your price” and support DJ CHiEF) at the Bboysounds Black Label Breaks website, so click here to grab it!

And follow DJ CHiEF on Soundcloud, on Facebook, on Twitter @dj_chief, and on Instagram @djaychief!

Also make sure to peep Bboysounds Black Label Breaks for future funk!

Friday night’s battles at Catalyst WPB were insane! Dig this clip from Bboy Mickey D’s instagram @bboymickeyd:

…and this video of the hexagon battle shot by Titus GT:

To learn more about Catalyst, click here to visit the on Facebook!

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