DJ MINGo’s Bboy Mixtapes


France’s DJ MINGo has blessed our Soundcloud group with a handful of Bboy Mixtapes that are raw, uncut, setting it off with “RoBotikS MutaGeniK” aka Vol. 3:

Big up to the DJ and Bboy MINGo aka Gomes Mingo of Evreux, France, for dropping throwing together these dope mixtapes and sharing them in our Bboysounds Group on Soundcloud, where you can find a wealth of Bboy goodness from around the world at any time!

A big thanks to the funky brother for offering free downloads on these mixes as well!

And did we mention MINGo is a dope Bboy as well? Dig it:

MINGo has more dope videos on his YouTube page, which you should def check out, but now back to the mixes, this time with “Yakshemash” aka “Summer Bboys Mixtape Vol. 1”:

MINGo has played for a number of Bboy events including WIBA France and International, and we can definitely dig the sounds.

Make sure to support the homie by following DJ MINGo’s Soundcloud, Liking him on Facebook, and sharing the funk!

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