Ekim Bboy Breaks

Super Dope Bboy Breaks – Ekim


Ekim is a Hip-Hop practitioner in Germany, and he sent us his latest Bboy Mixtape called “EKIM – For B-Boys About to Rock”:

Ekim of Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, is an all-around Bboy, dropping mixtapes, producing breaks, and throwing down his tag with style.

Ekim’s newest mixtape is described as:

80 minutes of hardcore power breaks, incredible bongo beats, and fast funky drum loops.

…and it’s all completely true.

Thanks to Ekim for sending this mix to us via our Facebook page, and we must say, all the funk lovers should pay a visit to Ekim’s Soundcloud, because it’s completely full of dope breaks.

Going back for years, Ekim has been dropping the funky stylings all over your face, like this mix “Rockin Till Death”:

This funky brother is fluent in the language of Bboying, DJing, making breaks, Graff, and much more.

Ekim’s Facebook page features a number of his pieces and he’s got the skill to kill.

We also came across this dope video of Ekim throwing down alongside Bast Graffix, thanks to Sebastian Reich and CITYBEATZ Production (@city_beatz):

Make sure to support the artists that are bringing the funk and check out Ekim’s Soundcloud and Facebook!