Interview with Jungle Fire


Jungle Fire music is well-known to Bboys and Bgirls around the world, thanks to their extra funky sound, and especially the instant Bboy classic “Comencemos”:

We’ve been big fans of Jungle Fire (@jungle_fire) for years, and we’re very lucky to hear from the funky brothers themselves, so check it out!

Jungle Fire

Who is Jungle Fire?

Steve Haney- Percussion
Alberto Lopez- Percussion
Michael Duffy- Percussion
Joey Reina- Bass
Jud McDaniel- Guitar
Pat Bailey-Guitar
Sam Halterman- Drums
David Moyer- Bari Sax
Otto Granillo- Trombone
Sean Billings- Trumpet

How would you describe the sound of Jungle Fire?

An explosive blend of Afro Latin funk.

Jungle Fire killed it at Cypher Adikts in LA last month. Click the picture to check out the recap!

Jungle Fire music is naturally bboy-friendly. Was this intentional or just a coincidence?

While recording the first single “Comencemos” aka Fela Kuti’s song “Let’s Start” we approached it with more of a heavy Latin funk Bboy breaks style arrangement very similar to a version on an old collectible Colombian record by Phirpo Y Sus Caribe.

Some of the members have been working with Hip Hop artists like Del La Soul, Del the Funky Homosapien so we have always added breaks to our music.

The group took a trip to Colombia and got to see the international reach of the Jungle Fire sound. Can you tell us about the trip?

We played a big music festival in Mompos, Colombia. It was an amazing experience for us because some of the rhythms we are inspired by brought us full circle.

For example, on our second 7″ release on Colemine Records  we recorded a tune called “Chalupa” which is a rhythm played in Afro Cumbia folkloric and popular music settings. We basically created a tune on the backbone of that rhythm.

“The festival organizers invited some Bboy dancers from Cartagena that danced to Comencemos and the crowd freaked!”

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What is Jungle Fire working on right now?

We just released our full length Album “Tropicoso” on Nacional Records which features the music previously released on two vinyl 45’s.

We recorded a few songs featuring a great soul vocalist that will be released sometime in 2015.

What is your message for the bboys and bgirls around the world?

“Our message would be to explore the music that inspires you to be a Bboy or Bgirl. If you like a certain artist always look what inspired them that way you’ll find the roots.”

Thanks again to the very talented gentlemen of Jungle Fire for taking the time to talk to us!

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