Multidimensional Bboy Beats – Decap


Decap is a San Francisco musician dropping some majorly funked out creations that transcend genre, and one thing is for sure: Decap’s got the funk.

Dig these jammies he created for the very talented folks at Yak Films:

Thanks to Decap (@decapmusic) for sending us a link to his music and sharing the San Francisco style with us Florida folk.

And while Decap’s definitely got the heat for the cipher, dig his electro-grooving funk productions on his album “Omni Love” beginning with this massive joint “Summer Sunset”:

Decap describes his music as:

Ascension Music from the field of Primal Sound. Infused galactic consciousness into waveforms. Multidimensional energy infused beats.

Galactic indeed! Decap is another in a long line of artists that are known for creating Bboy tracks in addition to working in many other genres, and the music coming from these individuals and groups is just so damn dope!

These are also the people that are pioneering beyond what we know and experience, and thinking outside of the box toward the future.

And in the end you end up with an amazing piece of living art like this video from Silverback Bboy Events and Yak Films using Decap’s “Take Me Home”:

Many of Decap’s tracks are available for Free Download, so make sure to follow Decap on Soundcloud, Like Decap on Facebook, follow @decapmusic on Twitter and Instagram, and definitely check out Decap’s website.

Support the artists and share the funk!