Interview with DJ WhiteO of Israel


DJ WhiteO has been throwing some serious sounds into the cipher lately, including this especially dope Bboy mixtape “The Big Bang,” which features an intro from our Israeli brethren DJ Four Eyez, and some especially funky selections. Check it out!

We got to speak with WhiteO himself about his music and Bboy culture in Israel…

Who is DJ WhiteO?

DJ WhiteO is actually Ofir Yogev, 24 years old living in Tel Aviv, Center of Israel.

Producer, DJ, Dancer, Teacher, Student of copmputer science and a bunch of other things. Mostly a working person but sure can hang out, not too much, because you need to wake up in the morning.

How did you choose your name?

**Embarrassing story alert** Ok.

When I was 9 years old, I used to be a “rapper” – a hard thing to say if you saw my lyrics. My stage name was “Black-O”, or “Black Ofir” (my first name). I really thought for some reason that I’m black/have a black soul.

When I grew older and started breakin’ (around 13 years old) I realized I wasn’t black, even more white than anyone else I knew, so I decided to change it to “WhiteO.”

Nowdays I think this nickname is stupid but everyone in the scene knows me by this name (some think it’s my real name), so I decided to just flow with it.

What can you say about Hip-Hop and Bboy culture in Israel?

To tell the truth, Hip-Hop and Bboy culture in Israel at the moment is kinda… tough. Because it’s a small country, there are not many dancers is the scene, and not enough leadership.

There are jams only once a month/2 months and they are nice but it’s not like it used to be.

“When I was younger, we would go anywhere to battle people, and nowadays the new generation is kinda spoiled and not really motivated to battle, saying stuff like “I should not go to this event cause I won’t pass the prelims and I could watch the whole battles on YouTube the next day”. I think it’s happening anywhere now, and we as teachers need to motivate our students to go out there and battle, smoke and get smoked, otherwise the scene will be dead.”

But Hey! Israel is a dope-ass country! We got beautiful beaches and hype parties here in the center, and you can go travel the south /north just for a nice chill.

Promising that everyone that will come here as a judge/DJ/BBoy sure will have the best time!

Which is your favorite of your own songs and why?

At the moment I really like my new release “Sting Of The Scorpion”, because it is not a remix or mashup, but an original song.

We recorded it in my brother’s house, invited my homie Jaime to play on the Pantam.

Didn’t steal any break from other songs and program the drums myself, mix it etc. so I kinda like the whole experience of production from A to Z.

There are some original breaks from “The Big Bang” mixtape which I prefer more but it was was much less challenging to produce 🙂

When you’re making a Bboy track, how do you begin?

Usually an idea starts with a sample/loop, then working on the break – most important stuff! – making it my flava, then mixing it all together try to make it sound like it has always been attached.

What is coming up next for DJ WhiteO?

Focusing on the BBoy scene right now, going to USA in the summer to play in a few jams, working on new stuff, collaborating with creative people.

Besides that working on non-bboy projects, learning a lot, trying to better producer everyday.

What is your message for Bboys and Bgirls around the world?

“Hey BBoys and B-Girls, PLEASE Open your mind on music, don’t just listen and dance only to classic breaks/what’s hype at the moment.
Try to find your uniqueness through music! I know that’s probably not the first time you’re hearing this stuff but just a quick reminder :D”

Thanks to DJ WhiteO for the interview, and we encourage you to follow WhiteO on SoundCloud and Like him on Facebook!