Bboy Music Playlist March 2016

Bboy Music Playlist – March 2016


Some of the dopest bboy songs, mixtapes, remixes and more…

The Bboy Music Playlist is drawn from our personal selection of what we’ve been enjoying on a number of platforms, including Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, and elsewhere. To submit your own music or for someone else, click here.

Here are some of the artists, DJs, bands, and producers that we’ve been digging so far this year, starting with some of our South Florida neighbors and friends:

Fenoms (Felix & Nonms)
El Gato & Menace

Felix of Fusik and Nonms of ¡MAYDAY! came together in a collaboration that will make the b-child inside you jump for joy. Two of the dopest percussionists in the funk universe in one track? Yes please.

Dig the snippets:

You can get the full tracks here.

Make sure to follow Felix on Soundcloud here (and Fusik on Facebook here) and ¡Mayday! Facebook here).

Bboysounds Stickers

Monkee 2DR
Monkee’s Breaks Collection

For the breaks aficionado, DJ, and rhythm junky, Monkee 2DR of Brazil dropped his treasured personal collection of breaks (and trust us, there’s some serious gold in there)…

Check out Monkee on Soundcloud here and on Facebook here.

Special Reserve Bboy Breaks

As you know from following our own Black Label Breaks, DJ CHiEF (@dj_chief) dropped his third album on the label on March 11.

Here is a video preview:

And the album mixtape:

You can get the whole album and individual tracks here. Follow DJ CHiEF on Soundcloud here (and on Facebook here).

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Dj Madlife Ft Dj Titanium
Breaks Vol​.​1

DJ Madlife of China and DJ Titanium of Tunisia went in on “Breaks Vol. 1” and here is the mixtape:

You can get the individual tracks here. Check out DJ Titanium on Soundcloud here (and Facebook here) and DJ Madlife on Soundcloud here (and Facebook here).

Mixtape Selection

DJ K-Break
Bboy Breaks Show

The legendary DJ K-Break of Yemen and the Zulu Nation has been posting some seriously dope mixtapes in recent weeks full of ultra rare breaks, all the product of dedicated digging in the dusty crates.

Check out Episodes 2 and 4 of Bboy Breaks Show:

Make sure to follow DJ K-Break on Soundcloud here (and on Facebook here) and also follow the very dope Dragon Diggers Crew on Facebook here.

To send in your music, mixtapes, or suggestions for features, click here.

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