bboy music summer 2016

Bboy Music Playlist – Summer 2016 (Part 1)


We’re back with the dopest bboy songs, including original joints, remixes, mixtapes, and more.

The Bboy Music Playlist is drawn from our personal selection of what we’ve been enjoying on a number of platforms, including Soundcloud, YouTube, Bandcamp, and elsewhere. To submit your own music or for someone else, click here.

Dig this month’s selections from the DJs, producers, bands, and MCs that are making it funky around the world, starting with our steadily dope homies FUSIK:


“The Break Sessions”

Fusik has dropped a few singles (and free downloads) ahead of the release of “The Break Sessions” later this month, and we can definitely dig “Noise” and “Clutch” so check them out:

Big shoutout to the homie Felix and the rest of the crew! Make sure to support Fusik on Facebook and peep their website.

DJ Pilizhao

“Psycho B-boy Breaks”

Our funky brother from Taiwan DJ Pilizhao has always got some heat for the cypher, and his latest album is yet another collection of original dopeness. Dig the preview:

You can watch a dope mix video on Pilizhao’s Facebook here and grab the entire EP here. Make sure to support Pilizhao on Facebook and follow him on Soundcloud.

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Summer ’16 Bboy Mixtape

Our own DJ CHiEF set it off this summer with his “Summer ’16” mixtape (free download here), packed with classic tracks from Black Label Breaks, plus a handful of unreleased joints. Dig the 2-minute preview:

Check out the playlist too:

Also peep this video of the incredible DJ Nameless chopping up some of the Summer ’16 classics like a grand master!

Make sure to check out DJ CHiEF on Facebook for plenty of music and mix videos, and peep more original bboy music on Bboysounds Black Label Breaks.

Microphone Misfitz

“Soul Rebelz”

Our funky brethren from Chicago have blasted the cypher with another dope track. This is classic Hip-Hop!

As soon as we heard this joint, we had to buy the whole album. Peep it:

Support the Microphone Misfitz on Facebook and peep their Bandcamp page as well.

DJ Blesone

“Young Santa Instrumental (Garage Mix)”

Seattle’s legendary DJ Blesone is always dropping instant classics, and he has just done it again this week, with the Garage Mix of “Young Santa Instrumental”:

If you don’t already know about Blesone, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Start here at his Soundcloud, and make sure to support the homie on Facebook too.

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Mixtape Selections

Kone BreakDJ

Ultimate Rare Grooves Series

We came across Italy’s Kone BreakDJ on Soundcloud and started getting down immediately. Dig one of his recent mixtapes:

Kone has some extra dope edits as well, including “China”

Support the man and follow Kone on Soundcloud.

DJ Jibaro

Jibaro Sounds Vol. 1

Argentina’s DJ Jibaro dropped a truly dope collection of diverse tracks this summer, and we want you to enjoy it:

You can peep the tracklist here, and make sure to follow Jibaro on Soundcloud.

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