Afrika Baby Bam (Jungle Brothers) Interview

Everybody knows we’re Native Tongues fanatics at Bboysounds, and we’re truly stoked to bring you our interview with Afrika Baby Bam of the mighty Jungle Brothers (@junglebros4life), for some wisdom on the culture, along with some bboy sounds.

DJ CHiEF: Who is Afrika Baby Bam?

Bam: Afrika Baby Bam aka Bam is one of the lead vocalist of the legendary hip-hop group Jungle Brothers. The name pays homage to Afrika Bambaataa for giving the inner-city youth a positive vision of themselves and their community.

What was the Breakin scene like in the days before the JBs? Did any of the Brothers break?

Back in the days before we became a group, I was b-boying and popping on cardboard mostly for fun and to get loose to the breakbeats!

The Native Tongues collective produced many mandatory tracks of what has become the “Bboy” genre of music. Did you ever find yourself making a track with Bboys and Bgirls in mind? 

Most of the breaks and grooves we used to make records are what we heard at block parties, neighborhood jams, and on boom boxes. It was the sound of those records that we understood and identified with.

“Those breaks speak a language to us that we can communicate our ideas and tell stories about our experiences with.”

“I’ll House You” is such a seminal moment in Hip-Hop and House music, marking in retrospect a paradigm shift in the directions of both genres. You’ve worked on a number of House tracks over the years, but can you ever imagine taking it back to the “Hip-House” days? 

I can imagine taking it back to the Hip-House days. When I wrote “I’ll House You” it came from the inspiration I got from going to after parties at house clubs.

I wrote the song in twenty minutes. It had a double-meaning. We used to say “I’ll house you!” when we were slap-boxing. It also meant we were going to bring a girl home; since we were the Jungle Brothers, to the Hut. It was a flash of inspiration from hearing breakbeats edited into a house beat. I love to dance so this was a fun record to make.

What are you working on now and where can the people listen to it?

I am working on a collaboration for a Bam & Mr. Dero self-titled Ep to be released this 4th of July, 2014. The first single “On & On” and my other current works can be found here:

What message do you have for the Bboys, Bgirls, and Hip-Hop heads around the world?

“The art of breaking and the culture is a positive recreation. It saved a lot of youth from gangs, drugs and a life of crime.”

It gave the youth something positive to do with their life that they could feel proud of and respect. This was before the sponsored events and media attention. I think it’s important for people to remember that when they’re battling in competitions.

Much respect and appreciation to Afrika Baby Bam, Jungle Brothers, and the whole Native Tongues family!

Make sure to listen up for upcoming releases from Bam as well as all the dope sounds he’s been putting out, such as this illness:

Record Store Day Mixtape – DJ somaR

Our homie DJ somaR dropped this excellent mixtape for last year’s Record Store Day and we advise that you dig it immediately:

Tulsa, Oklahoma’s DJ somaR gave us the “Lessons in Fresh” mixtape last fall and it rocked the house, and the kid has done it again, dropping the Hip-Hop gems that bring back the golden days of genre, spotlighting some of my personal favorites like Camp Lo, Jungle Brothers, J Rocc and many, many more.

Peep somaR’s Soundcloud for the playlist.

A note on the mix from DJ somaR himself:

To celebrate Record Store Day, I figured I’d put together an all vinyl mix… some of the tracks I just bought a couple weeks ago, ha! On a side note, I’m actually burning the mix and posting the CD’s up in some of the local record stores as well, for those who are supporting their record stores to grab. But, here it is, and make sure you go support a record store or two or three. To the DJ’s let’s do our part in keeping vinyl alive… it’s always been such an important part of our culture, it would be a shame to see it go away. Thanks for listening, peace!

As an added bonus, peep the man somaR on the radio dropping pure golden nuggets:

Original Breaks Mixtape – DJ Goldstar

Goldstar’s “Original Breaks” mixtape is packing a punch from Praha, Czech Republic, digging deep in the crates and dropping breaks on your face:

There are some serious gems and golden nuggets in this mix, and Goldstar brought out some of the funkiest samples that inspired the Hip-Hop Classics that the kids love so damn much.

This brother Goldstar has played with the likes of Quantic, Lack of Afro, and a slew of other local favorites from the universe of modern Funk.

Thanks to Goldstar for sharing his mixes in our Bboysounds group on Soundcloud, which you should also check out and submit some breaks!

Some background on Goldstar from his Soundcloud:

Goldstar has played on the Czech Electronic Scene since 1996
1996- Rise of Eta djs sound system

1996–2004 Coproduction of free tekno parties in CZ

2004 -First play in Prague clubs and bars

2005 -Music produce in Guru club
-Extends his recordbag and play Breakbeat, Funk, Soul, Jungle,Hiphop,Electro and more

2009 -Music produce in Tyt club Kladno
-Rise of “Mash up Funk party” with worldwide funk Djs

2010 -Music produce at Le Mirage Bars
-Rise of Afromission Party
-Played in Czech, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia Clubs

2011 -Rise of Funk Masters Party
-Rise of Czech Funk Group (Group for Czech Djs and Producers from Czech Funk world)

2012-CZECH GROOVES mixtape with intro from Marie Rottrova & Michal Prokop
-Rise of “GET FONKY RADIO SHOW” with Dj Brada

And dig this 5-hour Funk extravaganza from Depo Club Opava:

Make sure to Like the homie Goldstar on Facebook and spend some time at his Soundcloud, and check out the ETA DJs website!

Big up to Bboys, Bgirls, and Hip-Hop heads in Czech Republic and worldwide!