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Jungle Fire music is well-known to Bboys and Bgirls around the world, thanks to their extra funky sound, and especially the instant Bboy classic “Comencemos”: We’ve been big fans of Jungle Fire (@jungle_fire) for years, and we’re very lucky to hear from the funky brothers…(Read More)

Ekim Bboy Breaks

Ekim is a Hip-Hop practitioner in Germany, and he sent us his latest Bboy Mixtape called “EKIM – For B-Boys About to Rock”: Ekim of Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, is an all-around Bboy, dropping mixtapes, producing breaks, and throwing down his tag with style. Ekim’s newest mixtape is described as: 80 minutes…(Read More)

France’s DJ MINGo has blessed our Soundcloud group with a handful of Bboy Mixtapes that are raw, uncut, setting it off with “RoBotikS MutaGeniK” aka Vol. 3: Big up to the DJ and Bboy MINGo aka Gomes Mingo of Evreux, France, for dropping throwing together these dope mixtapes and sharing them in our Bboysounds…(Read More)


Switzerland’s Turntill has been a constant presence on Bboysounds since our early days, and the homie just keeps hitting hard, dropping sounds in a range of genres, specializing in Bboy music and dance tunes of all sorts. Dig one of our favorite Turntill joints is his classic collaboration with Bronzon called “Rise to the…(Read More)

Funky Monkee Bboy Breaks Azerbaijan

Funky Monkee has been crafting some wild Bboy tracks in Baku, Azerbaijan, and we definitely want to share, beginning with his latest mash, “Jesus in Anger”: Big up to Funky Monkee “Da Beat Terrorist” aka Ayaz Ahmedov (@funkymonkee1) for gifting our Bboysounds Group on Soundcloud with his joints and jams, which he himself describes as…(Read More)

Funky Boogie Brothers bboy music

The Funky Boogie Brothers are here to show you how to get down Belarus-style, with a bucket full of Funky Bboy Breaks, beginning with their track “Spirit of Dance” from the Battle of the Year 2014 soundtrack: We came across the Funky Boogie Brothers (aka Andrey and Denis) on Soundcloud, and immediately felt the…(Read More)

Ghostface Killah 36 Seasons

Ghostface Killah’s “36 Seasons” just dropped and it’s 100% dope. I know we raved about “12 Reasons to Die” last year, and with good reason, but “36 Seasons” is in a class of its own. Dig the album sampler mixed by 7L: Following up on the format of “12 Reasons”, Ghostface (@ghostfacekillah) plays…(Read More)

DJ Double-P Taiwan bboy

DJ Double-P has been dropping Bboy Battle Breaks all over Asia at battles and ciphers, and we can’t stop jamming to his mixtapes and MPC creations. So of course, we want to share them with you, beginning with his most recent “2014 Challenge Cup Finals Bboy Mixtape”: Big up to DJ Double-P…(Read More)

DJ Pilizhao has crafted a mean mixtape of ill breaks featuring themes from your favorite Hollywood classics on the “Screen Theme B-Beats” album: We’ve featured Taiwan’s DJ Pilizhao over the years on Radio Bboy and back in the day on the Bboysounds Weekly, and the man just keeps dropping the funk and…(Read More)