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Gizmo of Japan has dropped a gem into our Bboysounds group on Soundcloud, with the DJ Trunks remix of “Sealion”: A dope track and a generous free download, Bboy and MC Gizmo (@heyitsgizmo) and DJ Trunks collaborated in fine fashion to bring us a breakbeat built of originality, which is what Bboysounds thrives on. Some…(Read More)

Sway Beats MC Spotlight Alums 6 Cardinal (@6Cardinal) and Case Windu (@CaseWindu) have joined forces to create the Hip-Hop juggernaut “The Merger” and yes, the gents have allowed a Free Download! Peep their fresh video for the lead single off the project “Unique”: On their collaborative effort…(Read More)

Bringing the funk from our nation’s capitol, ODDISEE (@oddisee) is the personification of Hip-Hop. He is not only an ILL MC, ODDISEE is an equally dope producer. In the true spirit of Hip-Hop culture this MC is an independent entrepreneur, can’t knock the hustle. “Own Appeal” is one of the standout…(Read More)

Repping for the Tranquility Tribe, Prossess is here to make his mark on Hip-Hop. Based out St. Petersburg, Florida is not all about sunshine. Prossess is here to spit straight from the heart and make you feel him. This MC/Beatmaker has been honing for his craft for years. His rhymes are honest, flow…(Read More)

Hailing from Orlando, MyVerse(@iMyVerse) is a the ultimate double threat being an MC and poet. Her flow is sharp and she brings tons of flavor to her raps. MyVerse is the quintessential hip-hop head and a student of the culture. Her devotion to her craft is evident by her skills. MyVerse is her…(Read More)

Hailing from Richmond, California, Locksmith (@DaLocksmith) has come to make a change and leave his footprints in this game. His lyricism can be described as “unmatched”, one listen and you can tell this is an MC who has put some serious work into his craft. Not only is his skill level sky high, his music…(Read More)

Traum Diggs(@TraumDiggs) is coming straight out of Brooklyn bringing that “Sax Fifth Avenue Flow”. This MC is the culmination of all the greats that came before him, from Stevie Wonder, KRS-One to Big Daddy Kane. Traum is known for spitting nothing but the truth! [youtube] From Traum Digg’s…(Read More)

Before Macklemore was shopping at the “Thrift Shop”, he was holding it down for the bboys! The track “B-Boy” is from his 2005 release “The Language Of My World”. This Seattle native’s raw and honest rhymes have finally reached the masses! From his Facebook page: Macklemore holds a singular place in both the…(Read More)

Stones Throw recording artist Homeboy Sandman is one of the most innovate and introspective MC’s in the game. Since his introduction to the world in 2007 with his project Nourishment (Second Helpings), he has been steady keeping us fed with dope hip-hop music! From Homeboy Sandman’s website: Homeboy Sandman is a musician…(Read More)