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Aceyalone is certified West Coast Hip-Hop veteran who has been putting in work for years. His flow has the classic bounce to it and is still fresh as ever. Be on the look out for his new project Leanin’ on Slick. [youtube] From Wikipedia: After releasing To…(Read More)

Brasil breakdance

Emicida is the new Champ from Brasil, with the “battle cry of ‘We are the street!'” Emicida makes his mark with an ill flow over soulful, jazzy Bboy beats. Check out his freestyle on HOT 97 with Cypha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg: And peep this #dope Hip-hop track: Some background on Emicida from his…(Read More)

Case Windu is coming all the way live from the 9-5-4 this MC is cooking ice in a Winnebago! This DOPE MC bangs on the track with ill rhymes and clever punchlines. You can check out his latest offering “Acquired Taste” here. In the meantime, get down with Walter White! [youtube http://youtu…(Read More)

Welcome to Planet Coffeebean where Eric Biddines is the Commander In Chief! This MC has been bubbling in the South Florida scene for the past couple of years. Eric’s style is one of a kind and skills are razor sharp. What are you waiting for? Join the Planet Coffebean movement! You can check out…(Read More)

This young MC from the Windy City has been generating quite the buzz. His unique blend of rapping and singing is sure to catch your ear. When watching Chance’s visuals you are sure to be blown away by the level of artistic value in his pieces. Just like this Good Ass video! Follow on…(Read More)

This Emcee is Miami’s best kept secret. LMS aka Last Man Standin’ aka the Light Minded Soldier aka Leave Mcs Slaughtered, is in the spirit of true rhyme spittas. His flow is passionate and on point. There’s no secret as to his source of inspiration as you hear him spittin’ over the Black…(Read More)

bgirl breakdancing with graffiti background

This young up and coming emcee is creating a strong buzz within the game. He has generated a huge following on Tumblr due to his larger than life personality and fashion taste. Rebel has caught the ears of listeners with strong singles, most notably his smash joint “Disrespectful”. Be sure to keep an eye on…(Read More)