bboysounds weekly 26 March 2012

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Original Breaks

Love to the world! Our first original feature this week comes from bboysounds alumnus DJ Four Eyez of Israel’s Kosher Flava Crew. We’ve played DJ Four Eyez’s music a number of times on Radio Breaks Worldwide, and even featured a live interview with DJ CHieF, taped in Jerusalem in February 2011.

Four Eyez has appeared in Israel’s national news, the Jerusalem Post, and is well known throughout his country and the worldwide bboy community.

“The English Break” is a dope bboy take on the Sting classic. Love it!

Baruch shuvcha achi!

The English Break – DJ Four Eyez (Kosher Flava Crew, Israel)

Hear more tracks from DJ Four Eyez at his Facebook page.

Next up… OKAY…. Welcome to bboysounds weekly, Randa & the Soul Kingdom!!!

Watch It – Randa & the Soul Kingdom (Perth, Australia)

YOU MUST HEAR “Watch It” (Track #2 in the player below) by this Australian funkety funk band. Have to say, WOW! I had no idea such craziness was afoot down under!

@RandaKhamis <–(find here there on Twitter), PLEASE come to South Florida!

This act is so dope, you might even see them again further down in this week’s edition…

A bit of background on Randa & the Soul Kingdom:

Hailing from Perth and firmly at the forefront of the Australian funk and soul scene are Randa And The Soul Kingdom led by Jordanian born and Australian raised soul sister Randa Khamis.

With producer Lance Ferguson (The Bamboos, Cookin On 3 Burners, Lanu, Black Feeling) at the controls of the debut self titled album, the result was bristling with edgy, gritty funk and soul.  . . .

Whilst Be Yourself evokes up tempo, mid 60’s Motown with handclaps, tambourines and snappy, sharp drums, in contrast Cold paints a picture of a troubled romance, love lost and hearts breaking, the fodder for soul music since it first began.

With this follow up album, Randa & The Soul Kingdom cement their reputation as one of the most hard working and authentic purveyors of genuine 21st century soul.

Find out more about this incredible Aussie sensation at

Video Selection

Bboy Milky vs Bboy Glu @ Juice 2011

This (DOPE!) video was emailed to us by Phillip Crawford and posted on Vimeo by Illaska TV ( These bboys were making a movie for real! Big shout-out to the people that shot and edited this, crazy production value. Much more sophisticated than the typical camera-phone footage we get from a lot of battles.

Had to share the note attached to the video:

Big thanks to Milky (Mind 180, Masterz of Mayhem) and Glu (Illaskan Assassins) for a sick exhibition match at Juice 2011. Also thank you to Mao Tosi, AK Pride, Northway Mall, illaskan Assassins and everyone who came out to support this year.

Big shout-out to Phillip Crawford for sending this in, also to Illaska, of course Bboys Milky and Glu!

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Weekly Classics

As usual, we have some seriously ill selections from the Breakroom crates…

Of course we’re huge Wu-Tang fans at bboysounds, and here’s another classic from the Clan’s Ghostface Killah, who’s dropped countless grimey hip-hop hits for bboys and hip-hop culture at large. Also, like the rest of the Clan, Ghostface has remained the same emcee with a consistent voice and style that really never gets old.

A toast to the Ghost!

Charlie Brown (Remix) – Ghostface Killah

Next is another red-hot bboy smash from Randa & the Soul Kingdom.

Lysistrata´s Quest – Randa & the Soul Kingdom

Radio Breaks Worldwide

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bboy music songs podcast free downloadA blast from the past (Nov 2010)! In case you missed the Battle Edition of the Radio Breaks Worldwide podcast, now is your second chance at life!

Featuring classics from Lighthouse and Kashmere Stage Band to Eric B & Rakim and Lefties Soul Connection.

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To be considered for Bboysounds Weekly,  please submit your original music, battle videos, song requests, and shout-outs to CLICK HERE to Subscribe to Bboysounds