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Who Is DJ CHiEF?

DJ CHiEF was born in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1982. He began making mix tapes at the age of 8, using a dual cassette deck to remix songs by early Hip-hop artists.

CHiEF began DJing weekly at 15 years old, for ice skating rinks, private parties, and community events, and began playing bboy jams in 2004, along with Orlando DJs/artists Brain Reward, DJ Rincon, DJ Aeon, and DJ Caution, and was a resident DJ at the legendary Down to Earth Mondays in Orlando, Florida for several years.

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CHiEF has also been producing Hip-Hop, bboy, and dance music for over 15 years, playing at major bboy events and being featured on Orlando’s OURShow with Conshus, Chicago’s Power Stye Radio with KidJungle. His productions have also been featured in short films and commercials.

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